The Scientific Research Institute of Technological Progress (SRI TP) was established as a corporate institution for scientific applied research and engineering developments for members of an association “TORtec GROUP”. The main objective of the Institute is the development of the complex of vortex (gas-dynamic) resonance TOR-technologies for the disintegration of substances, mechanoactivation and mechanochemical nontermic synthesis of materials, as well as hardware in the form of laboratory, experimental and industrial installations under the conditional name “TORNADO”.

The long-term work of our scientists and engineers led by a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical Sciences, Viktor Shostak, on a complex of technical knowledge and know-how allowed to substantiate and develop new promising directions in various fields of science: in chemistry of solid material – methods of mechanochemical activation and regulating the reactivity; in inorganic and organic chemistry – fundamentally new, non-thermal methods of synthesis; in materiology – the creation of new methods for obtaining materials with new and prescribed properties, methods for the functionalization of nanostructures, methods for obtaining nanoscale particles and their use for modifying polymer materials; in the enrichment processes – “dry” ways of enrichment of mining rocks and technogenic accumulations, methods for disclosing intergrowths of crystals and enrichment of refractory rocks; in catalysis – to realize fundamentally new catalytic processes; in various industrial  technologies – to create new contactless grinding-activating devices and to show their advantages over the well-known conventional machines, based on mechanics. 

These and some other areas will contribute to progress in various fields of science and technology.

Results for 2017


14 lines and units


20 commercial projects


3 functioning plants

The Bank of industrial plants and lines «TORNADO»

Mining and materials

  • Lines for the production of micro and nanostructured powders of super hard materials, cermets, carbides, metal oxides, and mixtures thereof;
  • Installations for the disintegration of multicomponent mixtures and composites;
  • A line for the disintegration of the mineral raw materials for the centres of mining and processing technologies and activation of mineral mixtures;
  • Experimental production lines for the mechanoactivation, mechanochemical activation and mechanosynthesis of materials;
  • Mobile installations of Tornado on the base of a marine 40-foot container complete with a mobile compressed air compressor for mining and processing operations, for mechanically activating mineral raw materials and mixtures, industrial and technogenic wastes with a capacity of up to 2 tons/hour of raw materials;
  • Line for the activation of mortar and concrete components, nanostructured components, new materials and new properties.

Biologically active substances

  • Installations for the disintegration of biomass, followed by extraction of biologically active substances (BAS);
  • А line for the production of pectin;
  • A line for the processing of bird feathers into digestible fodder proteins;
  • A line and the complex processing of lignin with the obtainment of valuable products;
  • A line for the deep processing of wastes of rice production with the obtainment of biologically active substances and amorphous silicium;
  • A line for the deep processing of grain production with the obtainment of BAS and digestible dietary fiber and amino acids;
  • А line for the deep and wasteless processing of cannabis and flax with the obtainment of BAS in assortment and amorphous carbon;
  • A line for water purification and activation;
  • A line for the disintegration of bio and mineral substances and production of colloidal solutions, multi-component dispersions, mixtures and suspensions;
  • Lines manufacturing products of biological and pharmacological purposes.

Other installations

  • A mining and processing mother ship on the basis of an oceanic cargo ship with a displacement of 10 000, 20 000 and 100 000 tonnes;
  • Various modifications of the working chambers of TORNADO for deep processing of domestic and industrial waste, waste of inorganic polymers, glass, superhard materials with the obtainment of products.

Industrial Samples

Карбид циркония

Micropowder of zirconium carbide

Карбид кремния

Abrasine powder of silicon carbide

Смесь контактнго порошка

Mixture of contact micropowder in argon

Successful projects

Mining industries and materials

  • Project of technological equipment for the plant of micro-and nanostructured powders of metal-ceramics, metal oxides and their mixtures for powder, laser and plasma metallurgy with a capacity of 2000 tons/year of the finished packaged products under the conventional name “Titan+” (scalable and multipliable for different regions);
  • Technology of the enrichment of polymetallic ores and lines of disintegration for the mineral raw materials, more than 60 mineral deposits and technogenic accumulations;
  • А plant for the deep processing of brown coal to humates and humic acid and a new class of fertilizers;
  • A project on the plant for processing carbon-containing ash from the pyrolysis of used tires, rubber, and carbon black to a highly-purified activated carbon of 1.3 micron in size, with a capacity ranging from 2 000 tonnes to 20 000 tonnes, with modified (doped) types of carbon of a special purpose in the assortment;
  • A plant for the production of new composites.

Biologically active substances

  • A project on technological equipment and new highly ergonomic technology of producing pectin from the pomace sugar beet, pumpkins, apples and citrus with a capacity of 2000 tons/year of different types of pectin and biologically active substances;
  • Projects on phyto – and biological plants of closed cycle of cultivation, processing and extraction of valuable biologically active substances: Artemisia Annua (artemisinin), licorice root, amaranth (squalene), cannabis, flax, graviola, peppers Trinidad Scorpions (capsaicin), Chlorella, spirulina, etc.;
  • A project of a plant for the production of all kinds of high-active sorbents based on the new technologies;
  • A plant for the production of new high-performance bio and mineral fertilizers;
  • A plant for the production of native protein supplementation, functional food;
  • A plant for the production of a new class of easily digestible feed protein from plants, wastes of agricultural production;
  • A plant for the production of lactoferrin from cheese whey and skimmed cow’s milk.

The information contained on the website helps the interested companies and potential partners in finding the right product or service, and to establish scientific, technical and commercial cooperation. For any additional information or questions, please fill out the electronic form.
Yours faithfully,
Team SRI TP. 2017

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