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 EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTION OF MICROPOWDERdiamond powders, boron carbide powders, and titanium, niobium, zirconium, etc..04example – the ultra-micro powder of pure copper 99, 99


micropowder molybdenum:



Carbon (diamond) – is milled to a size smaller than 1 micron. Experiments were conducted jointly with the Poltavsky diamond factory.

Magnetic ferrite – the resonance vortex milling method is used for milling magnetic ferrite in a specially manufactured ceramic (non-magnetic) chamber, resulting in a magnetic ferrite powder with a size of 5 microns.

Silicon (mineral) – gravel of 5 mm is milled to a powder of 50-60 microns, which is used in the production of water purification filters as a sorbent.

Pure semiconductor silicon – from crumbs of 1-5 mm, a powder of 10 microns is obtained for subsequent processing.

Ceramic of various compositions – with this method granules of 1-3 mm are reduced to a size of 50-100 microns so that the raw material is prepared for baking.

Titanium carbide – an initial powder of 500 microns is milled to powders of various sizes down to 1 micron, collected by a scrubber into water with specialized additives.

Granite, basalt – the starting material is gravel of 5 mm, which is milled into a powder of less than 60 microns, then melted in a flow of hot gases with the formation of stone filaments. This innovative technology of obtaining fibers without a stone melting furnace is in the development stage.

Titanium dioxide – from an initial powder of 300 microns, a powder of 5 microns is obtained. Developmental work was conducted using steam as a working medium, replacing compressed air. Trials were conducted jointly with “Sumykhimprom”.

Quartz sand – quartz dust of 5-10 microns was obtained for specialized purposes.

Hard alloys BK6, BK8, BK12, and BK20 – parts of an instrument manufactured from hard alloys for subsequent processing mill to sizes of 5-10 microns, and the resulting powder is reused in the processes of powder metallurgy.

(Н. с. 316L и 17-4PH, и. с. H13, Al, Co-Cr, Ni, Ti, Inconel, Ti, Ni, Al; Fe–TiH2– В4C, C250, C276, Ti-6Al-4V, Cu, Au, Pt, Ag)

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ODERSKA 333/5,
CAKOVICE, PC 196 00,