Based on results of the new-generation device HDM-4 in 2000-2011 we have developed a technology for the synthesis of large high-quality diamond monocrystals with high manufacturability and ease of operation for the growth of large diamond crystals: colorless and colored, flawless and alloyed.

We have prepared the batch production of lonsdaleite (belongs to the class of carbon allotropes), which is the mineral of very rare type and has the hexagonal structure. Such diamonds may be found only in places of meteorite’s fall or in a lab environment. Our lonsdaleite is processed by high static pressure and becomes harder than the regular diamond by 58% .


Carbon material exists in different structures due to its ability to create the sp-,004  sp2- and sp3-hybridized connections forming the graphite, diamond, lonsdaleite, carbene, amorphous carbon, nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene etc. These carbon allotropes have outstanding qualities as well as unique scientific and technological value. Research of the new carbon allotropes is one of the core subjects in our experiments on the factory since 2002.

002Подготовлено серийное производство лонсдейлита (относится к классу аллотропных углеродов), который является минералом редчайшего вида, обладающим шестигранной структурой. Такие алмазы встречаются только в местах падения метеоритов или создаются в лабораторных условиях. Наш лонсдейлит, обработанный высоким и статическим давлением, становился тверже обычного алмаза на 58 процентов.

006We offer industrial and high-technological diamond-based products, including plates and 007windows with wide spectrum ofparameters, as well as advanced optical and electronic diamond devices. Ourtechnological and scientific activity is basedon the results of more than 10 years ofresearch and development in diamond and optoelectronic device production. We manufacture diamond products using the great experience of the best Russian scientists and we have protected our achievements with the international patent.

We have specialized industrial-technological facilities and staff of highly skilled experts in diamond selection and processing, as well as the team of experienced engineers in field of diamond technology and electronic devices manufacture.
Our products are based on our original technologies and engineering decisions, which our experts had008 created during the last years. We carry out investigations for perspective products development, including precise units and devices for micromechanics, diamond scalpels, including scalpels for ophthalmology and laser.–assisted surgery, and various optical and microelectronic components.

uCertificated diamond substrates and plates with unique parameters of thermal, mechanical, optical, electric and radiation resistance intended for industrial and science applications;

Wide range of certificated diamond windows and optical plates with wavelength range from 0,2 up to 100 microns;

Our production can be used in detectors of ionizing Radiation α and γparticles, heavy ions, X-ray)

intended for scientific and industrial applications, including nuclear engineering, medicine, space applications, high energy physics, etc.;

Synthetic diamonds are used in .“solar-blind.”

UV-photodetectors with high spectral selectivity in the UV-range;

Heat-spreaders and heat-conducting substrates with thermal conductivity up to 22W/cm .•°C for high-power microwaves devices and laser diodes, MCM for integrated circuits, etc.